Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Humble humble and more humble

Wow! I really haven't got a thing to say other than HUMBLE!!! I have been taking a class at the Iowa Lakes Corridor for small business and well part of my learning things is about Market, Research and Development so last week took a poll on flavor of cakes, and I asked Brian Dalziel to send me a logo so that I could do the buttercream transfer technique and well here it is; 

With what information I had I made a chocolate caramel cake then I decided to make a caramel icing....well wouldn't ya know, Iowa weather struck! Trust me when I say that I was more than having a hot flash and not liking it one bit!! I made 3 batches of caramel icing and it was a lot thicker than I wanted it to be on the cake. The other participants in the class actually loved my cake! I didn't ask for any kind of payment because I felt that this cake should have been much better if I had co-operation from the caramel....yes you read that right!

The caramel wouldn't work for me, it wouldn't stick to the cake, and wouldn't smooth out or even spread like it's supposed to. However, the other participants of the class felt differently and asked me how much would I have charged for this cake....I told them the truth. I would charge $20 for the cake. Two of the participants felt that I undercharged and would have paid $35-$40 for the cake!!!

Wow!!! I'm extremely humble and proud of the quality of the cake in spite of my icing issues. I love baking, it gives me a sense of peace and well I am happy to make someone else's day! Thank you Iowa Lakes Corridor!!

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