Friday, July 1, 2011

Donating a Cake for local Charity

I have it set up now that if you want you can donate towards a cake as a whole group for a local Fort Smith, AR Children's Emergency Shelter, if you and a group of friends want a special cake made for these children to have or even cupcakes just go to my Pay Pal on my contact me page, scroll to the bottom. Here's the link: Contact Me

What I will do is shown on my Gallery page, the character cakes or even one of your choice, if I can't make it I'll give you an idea of what I have available to make. The average cost of a cake to make is:

SHEET         Servings      Price                                                 
9" x 13"            24                $25  (also known as quarter sheet)                          
11" x 15"           35                $40

In a couple of weeks I will be doing a Monster's Inc., cake and the group that is donating this is from Facebook. They are donating the cost of the supplies to make the cake and I will be donating my time to do this cake.... hope that this new charity program that I am doing will help kick off a great summer for the kids!!!  If you live in the area, River Valley, Fort Smith, Arkansas area, and have a charity in mind, especially for the kids, please send me an email at to pay for the donation, go to Contact Me scroll to the bottom, make sure under the Cake Deposit you click on Donation. If you're wanting to pay for the full donation price of the cake, let me know in the email. All donated baked items will be given credit to the donator.  Since I use Pay Pal, I will send you an invoice via email through their system.  All banking information is confidential. Thank you!