Sunday, April 3, 2011

4th of July Cake revised for a Mafia Wars Player

Aside from baking cakes and more, I am a God Mother to a Mafia Wars family called {TUT} Tougher United Together, well the creators of Mafia Wars, Zynga  have a world wide MEETUP on April 8th. Many of us want to get together and actually meet in person, some of us aren't able to. One very good friend of mine, Donna Chouteau of McKinney, Texas wanted my signature cake in the German Chocolate flavor. I went a little further by putting her tag and clan name on the cake!!

This is the cake I made for her and I have this very blanket, so Donna's husband Rene got out his camera and took several pictures of the cake. I've had a lot of wonderful comments about this cake, from everyone on facebook. 

Lauri of Lauri's Cakes and More and Donna Chouteau

Donna and her husband Rene drove all the way from McKinney Texas for this cake!! Now if that's not desiring one of my cakes!! My husband I showed them our little area of Fort Smith, and Greenwood Arkansas. We took them to the old Fort and the Hanging Judge Parker's Museum,   we toured almost all of the Fort Smith area and moved into the Van Buren to see the sights before stopping to get dinner for the four of us. We all have been having a great time!