Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Contact Me

If you are ordering cupcakes or
 cookies please order from this page.The necessary information that we need from you in order to complete your request is in this order form.

For all Cake orders a deposit is required~~deposit is determined on the size of the cake's servings: i.e.  6 inch round is 8 servings, $8 Deposit remaining balance due on delivery.With using Pay Pal I can submit a payment request using your email, From my PayPal account, I will choose Request Money from the menu – it's simple, and only requires the buyer's email address.PayPal sends an email The buyer pays you using PayPal – we send you a payment confirmation, an invoice will be sent to you the buyer to show that the transaction is successful. This is the safest transaction for both you the customer and us.  to the buyer requesting payment. With all the information above please email me at  lauriscakes1@yahoo.com

Please click on the link below and fill out all required information:

My Website

I had to cancel my website (billing cycle won't end until February 16th) because now the holidays are over and it's not generating enough income to pay for it. Sad really, and I love baking for those who are wanting something special but since it's not enough to cover the cost of having the website. So I will go back to using the facebook method and blogging on here...So I will be creating a page that was the entire website that I had created so that everyone can see what it did look like....