Sunday, July 10, 2011

Frustration with your computer????

Computer anxiety and withdrawls because of a computer that needed desperate attention??? I certainly know that well! I recently had severe issues with my computer where I took the advice of a friend on Facebook who suggested a friend who does computer repairs, by remote access! I was happy to know that someone who lives not only hours away but could see my computer and the issues it was having. I need my computer to access emails, upload my cake pictures, to do my blogging, and so much more. I was hesitant like you would with any repair technician. He took the time to walk with me through the issues that this old machine had. 

If some of you are like me, depending on the internet for personal or business related reasons, having down computer time means time away from the vital stuff that you want to do on your sites. I blog as often as I can on here and if I can't it's really frustrating!! Trust me! 
George Brooks, Owner of George's Computer Repair
Computer quotes and assessment done as a free diagnostic to make sure what the problem is and if he's able to get it fixed. If your computer is running slow and you can't connect to the internet, or having issues with viruses, George can let you know what needs to be done at a reasonable rate for you. I know, He's really good at his work in getting computers fixed and running much faster and smoother almost like new!! His rate is well worth the time for him to get your machine up and running!
Two ways to reach him:
1 618.969.7301
U.S. and Canadian calls can be made to you if you need him to call you directly. NO International calls please! 
You can also reach him on his facebook profile here: Contact Geroge

I'm so happy that I got my "best" friend back!!! Yeah!!!

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