Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Fort Smith Children's Emergency Shelter and Lauri's Cakes and More

Why am I having a project like this? Because the children that come to stay at CES sometimes don't always get these kinds of treats, in their "normal" lives. Who is CES? Children's Emergency Shelter is a shelter for children in all various of situations. I've been a volunteer for them in many events and lately I'm doing something much different, providing goodies to the kids!

The are monthly donations of all kinds, including cakes brought in for children's birthdays, B.A.C.A is also involved and they are active as well. Sometimes the children that are there can't have certain baking items because of allergies that they may have. In that case, I don't do anything. I love baking cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and yes quick breads for the kids that are there. It's pretty cool to know that when they come home from school or other event and they have no idea that there's this "treat" that I made for them to have for their dessert or for what ever makes my day!

If you live in the River Valley area (Sebastian, Crawford, Scott, etc.) and want to come out and do something for CES here's their next event : CES Events .

I've already got my ideas for September and November! :)

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