Sunday, July 24, 2011

Back to School treats for kids

Around here, August 17th, is when school returns to session. So with that little thought in mind, I'm planning on making some different kind of cupcakes. Something that I've done before but doing a little differently, if you've got to my Gallery Page you would have seen my chocolate cupcakes with fudge filling and peanut butter icing with Reese's miniatures.

Well that's the starter only it will be a yellow cake with different chocolate miniatures on top....huummmm can you imagine what they might be? Let's count down the days! In case you don't recall my Chocolate cupcakes here's another peek!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

~MnSłRsInC.~ Cake for CES

And the unveiling of the   ~MnSłRsInC.~ Cake!

I had a lot of fun doing this cake! It was hot, the normal daily temperature has been 104* so the icing wasn't working with me no matter what I did, but it's done! 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Frustration with your computer????

Computer anxiety and withdrawls because of a computer that needed desperate attention??? I certainly know that well! I recently had severe issues with my computer where I took the advice of a friend on Facebook who suggested a friend who does computer repairs, by remote access! I was happy to know that someone who lives not only hours away but could see my computer and the issues it was having. I need my computer to access emails, upload my cake pictures, to do my blogging, and so much more. I was hesitant like you would with any repair technician. He took the time to walk with me through the issues that this old machine had. 

If some of you are like me, depending on the internet for personal or business related reasons, having down computer time means time away from the vital stuff that you want to do on your sites. I blog as often as I can on here and if I can't it's really frustrating!! Trust me! 
George Brooks, Owner of George's Computer Repair
Computer quotes and assessment done as a free diagnostic to make sure what the problem is and if he's able to get it fixed. If your computer is running slow and you can't connect to the internet, or having issues with viruses, George can let you know what needs to be done at a reasonable rate for you. I know, He's really good at his work in getting computers fixed and running much faster and smoother almost like new!! His rate is well worth the time for him to get your machine up and running!
Two ways to reach him:
1 618.969.7301
U.S. and Canadian calls can be made to you if you need him to call you directly. NO International calls please! 
You can also reach him on his facebook profile here: Contact Geroge

I'm so happy that I got my "best" friend back!!! Yeah!!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Fort Smith Children's Emergency Shelter and Lauri's Cakes and More

Why am I having a project like this? Because the children that come to stay at CES sometimes don't always get these kinds of treats, in their "normal" lives. Who is CES? Children's Emergency Shelter is a shelter for children in all various of situations. I've been a volunteer for them in many events and lately I'm doing something much different, providing goodies to the kids!

The are monthly donations of all kinds, including cakes brought in for children's birthdays, B.A.C.A is also involved and they are active as well. Sometimes the children that are there can't have certain baking items because of allergies that they may have. In that case, I don't do anything. I love baking cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and yes quick breads for the kids that are there. It's pretty cool to know that when they come home from school or other event and they have no idea that there's this "treat" that I made for them to have for their dessert or for what ever makes my day!

If you live in the River Valley area (Sebastian, Crawford, Scott, etc.) and want to come out and do something for CES here's their next event : CES Events .

I've already got my ideas for September and November! :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Cakes for Kids Donation Project

Wow!!! 2 Donors that have paid for a cake to be made for the Children's Emergency Shelter, Fort Smith, Arkansas!!  I blogged a week ago that I will be doing a cake for a group of Mafia Wars Players, they are known as ~Monster's Inc.~ they're a fun bunch of people getting together to play a game by Zynga.  I won't give you a peek at the design of the cake...I don't want to give it away! The donors came from as far as Georgia!! Oh yeah that's right!! :) Another donor is from right here in our own backyard of the River Valley!!! Will show you all next week!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Donating a Cake for local Charity

I have it set up now that if you want you can donate towards a cake as a whole group for a local Fort Smith, AR Children's Emergency Shelter, if you and a group of friends want a special cake made for these children to have or even cupcakes just go to my Pay Pal on my contact me page, scroll to the bottom. Here's the link: Contact Me

What I will do is shown on my Gallery page, the character cakes or even one of your choice, if I can't make it I'll give you an idea of what I have available to make. The average cost of a cake to make is:

SHEET         Servings      Price                                                 
9" x 13"            24                $25  (also known as quarter sheet)                          
11" x 15"           35                $40

In a couple of weeks I will be doing a Monster's Inc., cake and the group that is donating this is from Facebook. They are donating the cost of the supplies to make the cake and I will be donating my time to do this cake.... hope that this new charity program that I am doing will help kick off a great summer for the kids!!!  If you live in the area, River Valley, Fort Smith, Arkansas area, and have a charity in mind, especially for the kids, please send me an email at to pay for the donation, go to Contact Me scroll to the bottom, make sure under the Cake Deposit you click on Donation. If you're wanting to pay for the full donation price of the cake, let me know in the email. All donated baked items will be given credit to the donator.  Since I use Pay Pal, I will send you an invoice via email through their system.  All banking information is confidential. Thank you!