Wednesday, June 29, 2011

10 tips for making a perfect chocolate chip cookie - Food on Shine

10 tips for making a perfect chocolate chip cookie - Food on Shine

Really??? My tips have been, use parchment paper, and watch that oven!

6. Silpat or Parchment?
When baking the cookies, Tina recommends using parchment paper because it allows the cookies to bake better. Swider on the other hand uses a baking spray on the sheet pan so you can literally scoop up the cookies.

SEE, I knew that! The other tips are ok in this article, however if something isn't broken, why try to "fix" it? I've been using my same recipes, even if the baking chips aren't always available that I use. I use my Kitchen Aide stand mixer and as soon as I see no "lumps" I take the batter out of the mixing bowl and put it into another container.

This way if I have to stop baking and this interruption can take longer, I can stick that container easily into my refrigerator. After all check out the "mass" production I had going:

Well it's time to sign out for the day....I will be back! :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Twitter & the Arkansas summer throw in a bit of Insanity Baking!

Ok I've done it!!! I've finally succumbed to Twitter...Lauri'sCakesandMore
That's the name I've chosen, original huh! LOL yeah I'm sure you're thinking that too! I'm following 23 "Tweets" as they put it, we'll give it a day or two to see how this goes....

It's been so hot lately that can't really do much in the kitchen. We're expecting triple digits later part of this week! I did try to do 6 batches of cookies earlier this week but it was so hot I got sick. Oh much for that effort! I've been trying to "follow" the latest "trend" in caking that I'm not really catching on. I guess that must mean that I should stay within my own comfort zone and stick with what works for me and my little kitchen. This stream of baking for a group of kids is well worth the effort of the heat! Here's what I did:

I grabbed as many containers as I had to get the sugars mixed together so when it was time to add that to the butter for mixing it was ready, I also did the same for the flour mixtures, and the baking chips & nuts mixtures. I only have one functionable cookie sheet that wouldn't totally burn the cookies.

The hotter the kitchen got, the harder it was to regulate the cookie temps in order for proper baking. One sheet set was really underdone, the time I set for the baking was between 9-13 minutes, all but the one pan came out great....that was when I felt that the kitchen (which was by the way 95*) and the outside temperature was 102* it was time to call it a day! I'm glad too, the hotter it was the more I felt zapped. Well I'll get the rest of it baked before it gets hot again....before the triple digits strike! Then we'll see how that goes!