Monday, August 30, 2010

Wedding cake test project part 1

I have a wedding cake that I am working on and I'm doing what I call a test cake. Test cakes are for mainly a practice to see if I can make the cake the way it should look like. When someone orders a cake and I make the smooth finish on the butter cream icing I use Viva. On my test cakes it's the cheaper brand and whatever is handy. Because the cake itself is so important to the person who has ordered it the cake has to look closer to a professional look to it rather than a novice look to which I am. This test cake is to prepare for the Bride that is specifically asking to have it look like this cake below:
3 Tier Wedding Cake

My cake won't look like this one. This one above is a fondant style cake and I am more of a butter cream caker.  I have a different kind of style and still working on my creative style. As my craft grows it will show and hopefully my cakes can look similar with the buttercream style.