Friday, August 6, 2010

My Husband's family

Wow! After 18yrs my husband was able to reconnect to his family. About 2 months ago he found his sister on facebook and debated for sometime about emailing her. I told him the worst that could happen is that they don't want to talk with you after all these years. He did and I didn't know about it. I'm one of those very forward kind of people that in something like this I have to know so that what ever the outcome is at least I can handle my future better.

He didn't tell me until Wednesday that he had received his email from his mom, so on his next reply to her he copied it to me, and I loved reading it. I felt joy and a sense that this was going to be okay. It's my gut instinct that this will be okay. I replied to her on that same email that he copied to me to let her know how I felt about him and this whole new life changing experience and told her that I will support all of them on far it's starting to look completely awesome!

His dad is tech savvy and his mom did her first instant messaging via Yahoo. It was fun and completely enjoyable to watch my husband come alive!! Brian's computer has the audio that works whereas this one doesn't work as well...the microphone isn't working on my computer. I can hear them but couldn't do anything other than type. I was ok with that...they shared some really good memories with each other. I loved watching and participating with all of them. My heart is so filled with love for this family. A family being reunited after 18yrs of a void that on both sides had wondered what was going on with all of them. 

I feel in my heart that this will grow and this will be something that they all will be able to share for the rest of their lives.