Friday, March 12, 2010

My simple cakes

This is my first time making a red velvet cake and we enjoyed it. Now that I have found a recipe that I like and that works to sell, I can make this cake to a requested order.

I love how smooth it came out. It was very moist and light. The buttercream icing came out much better than I had first thought.
My experimenting with the colors and the buttercream techniques that I have been practicing.

The Valentine's Day cake that I made for 18 kids and a few adults. This is a 12in heart shaped cake that I made. This is the first half of the cake.
The two cakes put together. It's a strawberry cake made with real strawberries.

I wanted it to be simple for the kids who were going to eat. Generally most kids do not like all the fancy stuff that's put on a cake, the adults appreciate it more.
This is made for my husband board of director's meeting/luncheon for last month. I went off the logo that they have....hubby decided at last minute to put the initials for the place he works for, The Children's Emergency Shelter. It turned out that the flavor I chose was a hit!!! I'm proud to do this.

My passion for baking

Ok I have a passion, strange that it may be to some people for someone like me, a educated person with a hearing loss to bake. Yes you read that right. I love to bake. I always had loved it, just never really expanded my talents or even lack of. I've been fighting with bouncing ball emotions for the past year and well let's be honest a lot longer. Since I started blogging or rather my lack of a consistent blogging I have been trying to figure out a way to survive in life looking for ways to make money without having doors slammed in my face because I don't look a certain way or have strong enough connections with higher social friends in order to get that job that I know I can do. Instead, I'm still at the bottom of the pile in the job market prospectees. Sure I'm still doing my writing but the words don't really come out as well as I'd like the past few months I've been doing some baking and of course my mom taught me a few things many years ago and I was baking for friends even at that time. Well several years ago a former landlord broke into the house I was renting from and took basically everything so I gave that up and went on with life. Now even remarried I am starting all over....with any baking pans. What I managed to salvage since that incident is very limited sure my wonderful husband had a couple items from when he was previously married, but still not much...since I got back into my baking I want to do more than just that....I want to start this from home and be in control of it entirely. Because of my hearing loss I do have trouble in public when someone talks to me like in Wal-Mart and I can't hear them all the time. Even here at home I sometimes have a lot more trouble hearing my husband. When I am home alone and baking I feel so happy and feel free to control what's going on here. I still have problems hearing when someone calls and I need to put them on loud speaker but then it's just me and I'm happy with it. I'd rather bake!! I have been going to cake decorating mainly to refresh what I know and to learn what I haven't done yet...the classes are 2hrs a week...yes it does cost me...what I plan on doing is putting the money that I make from the cakes that I am doing now towards the next course, hopefully I'll learn about fondant. No I've never worked with fondant or gum paste. I have a wishlist and here it is;

Since getting back into baking cakes and starting from scratch, I am dreaming and wishing of things that I seriously need to stay with it. Of course it costs money that I don't have, or I should say we don't have....what would make it so much easier to make cakes for those who want them?
Cake turntable that tilts...yeah I know...but using the regular table is hard to use but it's there....
Cake pans -- round 8in., 10in., 12in.
Cake pans -- square 6in., 8in., 9in., 10in, 12in.
Cake pans -- sheet cake pans; 9 x 13in. performance, 11 x 15 in. performance, 12 x 18 in. performance

This would be a good start....sure I'm just dreaming. Of course I'd be willing to make kids' cakes that are shaped but when it's ordered then I'd have to think about how to charge for that...those cake pans are priced differently...right now I'm just charging for the cost of my ingredients and my time...I'm not really making any money. I love this yet I'm torn because I don't have what I the cake that I found I want to be good enough to do this without worrying about if I have the right supplies...

Well this is what that's all for now.....