Friday, May 14, 2010

May cakes 2010

This is what I have been doing this month, and so far I've been doing a little bit better and I'm feeling more confident.

These two cakes were made for a fund raiser for my husband's work, The Children's Emergency Shelter of Fort Smith, Arkansas. One cake sold for $40 and the other one sold for $35. I was shocked! I felt that both 8in cakes were very simple and would not go for that much....I had made a label to put on the box to send with the cakes. To see my label

Here are the roses that I put on both cakes. I'm still having some difficulty doing roses but always trying to practice so that they can look like good roses.

These are the roses that I worked on today. As you can see it's still a project in the process of making them look like roses.

Same roses just different cell phone used to take the picture. I liked this one the best so far....

I thought it would be best to put the flowers in an deviled egg container to help hold their shapes and I put them in the freezer to keep until I make my next cake which I am hoping that will come out better than this last cake did.

I had made 3 cakes to get this one to look this half way decent. My husband took it to work in order to test out the cake itself. They ate it at their staff meeting, every one loved it! I'm still going to keep practicing what I can with my next cake is for Memorial Day. The flowers that I made today will go on that cake.

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