Monday, March 29, 2010

My Wilton's Course 2 cake

Oh boy...this was a struggle with the crazy weather causing a havoc on my icing attempts!!! I'm not that happy at all....the royal icing doesn't like to work with the weather fluctuations. Ok this is the base of the cake...just a simple buttercream icing on a 7 in oval cake. This is what is provided in the student kit. I hadn't had any cake pans like this one before. I had the round ones and a couple of square cake pans aside from the normal 9 x 13 cake pan.

This is where I'm trying to get the basketweave to look like I chose a yellow color to make it look like a basket. I had some flowers from class that I kept in the fridge until I could put them on the cake.

Ok it's starting to look good....

My flowers on the cake
Close up of the flowers
I gave up! I couldn't get the royal icing to work for me to get the final flowers that should be on that cake! Pansies, violets, daffodils, etc.
The birds that were supposed to stay on the didn't work. I'm not happy!
Wilton's final cake in Course 2. This is what it should look like....see the birds? Yeah well...not happy about my birds. My royal icing flowers were starting to melt! I'm just frustrated! I prefer to work with the buttercream icing instead...the next course is on fondant and tiered cakes. Maybe that will be better....


Jenniffer said...

Hey Lauri, you keep at it, OK? Your cakes look great! Royal Icing can be hard to work with on a good day. Keep trying until you find a recipe that works well for you.

I enjoyed reading about your cake adventures... we've all been there!


Lauri said...

Thanks Jennifer! I have more pictures to post...1 of a fondant cake that is a flop cake...prepackaged fondant. This was my first time making a fondant cake of any kind....I didn't like it.