Monday, August 30, 2010

Wedding cake test project part 1

I have a wedding cake that I am working on and I'm doing what I call a test cake. Test cakes are for mainly a practice to see if I can make the cake the way it should look like. When someone orders a cake and I make the smooth finish on the butter cream icing I use Viva. On my test cakes it's the cheaper brand and whatever is handy. Because the cake itself is so important to the person who has ordered it the cake has to look closer to a professional look to it rather than a novice look to which I am. This test cake is to prepare for the Bride that is specifically asking to have it look like this cake below:
3 Tier Wedding Cake

My cake won't look like this one. This one above is a fondant style cake and I am more of a butter cream caker.  I have a different kind of style and still working on my creative style. As my craft grows it will show and hopefully my cakes can look similar with the buttercream style.

Friday, August 6, 2010

My Husband's family

Wow! After 18yrs my husband was able to reconnect to his family. About 2 months ago he found his sister on facebook and debated for sometime about emailing her. I told him the worst that could happen is that they don't want to talk with you after all these years. He did and I didn't know about it. I'm one of those very forward kind of people that in something like this I have to know so that what ever the outcome is at least I can handle my future better.

He didn't tell me until Wednesday that he had received his email from his mom, so on his next reply to her he copied it to me, and I loved reading it. I felt joy and a sense that this was going to be okay. It's my gut instinct that this will be okay. I replied to her on that same email that he copied to me to let her know how I felt about him and this whole new life changing experience and told her that I will support all of them on far it's starting to look completely awesome!

His dad is tech savvy and his mom did her first instant messaging via Yahoo. It was fun and completely enjoyable to watch my husband come alive!! Brian's computer has the audio that works whereas this one doesn't work as well...the microphone isn't working on my computer. I can hear them but couldn't do anything other than type. I was ok with that...they shared some really good memories with each other. I loved watching and participating with all of them. My heart is so filled with love for this family. A family being reunited after 18yrs of a void that on both sides had wondered what was going on with all of them. 

I feel in my heart that this will grow and this will be something that they all will be able to share for the rest of their lives. 

Friday, May 14, 2010

May cakes 2010

This is what I have been doing this month, and so far I've been doing a little bit better and I'm feeling more confident.

These two cakes were made for a fund raiser for my husband's work, The Children's Emergency Shelter of Fort Smith, Arkansas. One cake sold for $40 and the other one sold for $35. I was shocked! I felt that both 8in cakes were very simple and would not go for that much....I had made a label to put on the box to send with the cakes. To see my label

Here are the roses that I put on both cakes. I'm still having some difficulty doing roses but always trying to practice so that they can look like good roses.

These are the roses that I worked on today. As you can see it's still a project in the process of making them look like roses.

Same roses just different cell phone used to take the picture. I liked this one the best so far....

I thought it would be best to put the flowers in an deviled egg container to help hold their shapes and I put them in the freezer to keep until I make my next cake which I am hoping that will come out better than this last cake did.

I had made 3 cakes to get this one to look this half way decent. My husband took it to work in order to test out the cake itself. They ate it at their staff meeting, every one loved it! I'm still going to keep practicing what I can with my next cake is for Memorial Day. The flowers that I made today will go on that cake.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

CES April Board meeting cake 2010

The finished cake for the Children's Emergency Shelter Board meeting for April 2010.

Now comes the trial and errors of getting this finished look...

Of course you need a base cake. This is buttercream icing. You would think that I had learned a previous lesson on royal icing and buttercream....well I listened to the instructor who's been teaching classes for some time now...she said that it will work....wait until you see it....

I started my scroll work with royal icing....later in the day it started to run off the cake making an entire mess!! I had baked this cake on Saturday April 17th and crumb coated it on Sunday then Monday I re-iced it with more buttercream to make sure that none of the crumbs went through the first it looked like the base cake. I didn't take a shot of the ruined scroll work....I was ashamed!

Remember how that pretty little Lily looked earlier? Well here it is...all in it's present state. I was ready to cry! I tried very hard to make sure this didn't happen....and as you can see it failed....
I salvaged the three remaining flowers the best I could. I put the stamens in Morning Glory flower from the Lily to give it a little more of an umgf! This is before I added a fresh look to the scroll work with buttercream icing...much better then...a lot of improvement to go...

Here I am holding the cake....don't I look tired? I was after all my frustrations with it...I wanted something different that I haven't done, in which now I have....1 more class to go...the 2 tiered cake....last class for me as well....Wilton/Michael's are making changes and I can't afford any more I'm going to observe from other successful cakers....

Wilton Course 3

I call this my flop of the pieces fell off and I didn't have enough fondant to do the ribbon....
 I found this picture online by a lady named Victoria I can't find the link to post it with it but she's got it tagged in the picture....this is how it should have looked....
as you can see it's not....

Royal Icing flowers
Lily Flower
Petunia (unfinished)
Morning Glory
All the flowers

As you can see it all looks great in the current sitting positions....wait until I post the next set of pictures for a cake I made...

Monday, March 29, 2010

My Wilton's Course 2 cake

Oh boy...this was a struggle with the crazy weather causing a havoc on my icing attempts!!! I'm not that happy at all....the royal icing doesn't like to work with the weather fluctuations. Ok this is the base of the cake...just a simple buttercream icing on a 7 in oval cake. This is what is provided in the student kit. I hadn't had any cake pans like this one before. I had the round ones and a couple of square cake pans aside from the normal 9 x 13 cake pan.

This is where I'm trying to get the basketweave to look like I chose a yellow color to make it look like a basket. I had some flowers from class that I kept in the fridge until I could put them on the cake.

Ok it's starting to look good....

My flowers on the cake
Close up of the flowers
I gave up! I couldn't get the royal icing to work for me to get the final flowers that should be on that cake! Pansies, violets, daffodils, etc.
The birds that were supposed to stay on the didn't work. I'm not happy!
Wilton's final cake in Course 2. This is what it should look like....see the birds? Yeah well...not happy about my birds. My royal icing flowers were starting to melt! I'm just frustrated! I prefer to work with the buttercream icing instead...the next course is on fondant and tiered cakes. Maybe that will be better....

Friday, March 12, 2010

My simple cakes

This is my first time making a red velvet cake and we enjoyed it. Now that I have found a recipe that I like and that works to sell, I can make this cake to a requested order.

I love how smooth it came out. It was very moist and light. The buttercream icing came out much better than I had first thought.
My experimenting with the colors and the buttercream techniques that I have been practicing.

The Valentine's Day cake that I made for 18 kids and a few adults. This is a 12in heart shaped cake that I made. This is the first half of the cake.
The two cakes put together. It's a strawberry cake made with real strawberries.

I wanted it to be simple for the kids who were going to eat. Generally most kids do not like all the fancy stuff that's put on a cake, the adults appreciate it more.
This is made for my husband board of director's meeting/luncheon for last month. I went off the logo that they have....hubby decided at last minute to put the initials for the place he works for, The Children's Emergency Shelter. It turned out that the flavor I chose was a hit!!! I'm proud to do this.

My passion for baking

Ok I have a passion, strange that it may be to some people for someone like me, a educated person with a hearing loss to bake. Yes you read that right. I love to bake. I always had loved it, just never really expanded my talents or even lack of. I've been fighting with bouncing ball emotions for the past year and well let's be honest a lot longer. Since I started blogging or rather my lack of a consistent blogging I have been trying to figure out a way to survive in life looking for ways to make money without having doors slammed in my face because I don't look a certain way or have strong enough connections with higher social friends in order to get that job that I know I can do. Instead, I'm still at the bottom of the pile in the job market prospectees. Sure I'm still doing my writing but the words don't really come out as well as I'd like the past few months I've been doing some baking and of course my mom taught me a few things many years ago and I was baking for friends even at that time. Well several years ago a former landlord broke into the house I was renting from and took basically everything so I gave that up and went on with life. Now even remarried I am starting all over....with any baking pans. What I managed to salvage since that incident is very limited sure my wonderful husband had a couple items from when he was previously married, but still not much...since I got back into my baking I want to do more than just that....I want to start this from home and be in control of it entirely. Because of my hearing loss I do have trouble in public when someone talks to me like in Wal-Mart and I can't hear them all the time. Even here at home I sometimes have a lot more trouble hearing my husband. When I am home alone and baking I feel so happy and feel free to control what's going on here. I still have problems hearing when someone calls and I need to put them on loud speaker but then it's just me and I'm happy with it. I'd rather bake!! I have been going to cake decorating mainly to refresh what I know and to learn what I haven't done yet...the classes are 2hrs a week...yes it does cost me...what I plan on doing is putting the money that I make from the cakes that I am doing now towards the next course, hopefully I'll learn about fondant. No I've never worked with fondant or gum paste. I have a wishlist and here it is;

Since getting back into baking cakes and starting from scratch, I am dreaming and wishing of things that I seriously need to stay with it. Of course it costs money that I don't have, or I should say we don't have....what would make it so much easier to make cakes for those who want them?
Cake turntable that tilts...yeah I know...but using the regular table is hard to use but it's there....
Cake pans -- round 8in., 10in., 12in.
Cake pans -- square 6in., 8in., 9in., 10in, 12in.
Cake pans -- sheet cake pans; 9 x 13in. performance, 11 x 15 in. performance, 12 x 18 in. performance

This would be a good start....sure I'm just dreaming. Of course I'd be willing to make kids' cakes that are shaped but when it's ordered then I'd have to think about how to charge for that...those cake pans are priced differently...right now I'm just charging for the cost of my ingredients and my time...I'm not really making any money. I love this yet I'm torn because I don't have what I the cake that I found I want to be good enough to do this without worrying about if I have the right supplies...

Well this is what that's all for now.....